To unlock the full potential of your business and outperform your competitors, a comprehensive marketing strategy is the key to success.  

Whether you are a start-up business or a well-established company, the need to implement effective marketing techniques remains the same. At Wizard pi, a website and digital marketing agency in Worcester, we understand that this isn’t everyone’s forte and can seem like a completely new language to learn! As a business owner, you may have the desire to enhance your online presence, but simply don’t know where to start.

So, we wanted to introduce ourselves to your problem and find an ideal solution for those who are new to the game or want to brush up their marketing skills. This is where our wizard workshops come into play, a digital marketing masterclass that provides participants with the ability to strategize and understand the true importance of getting your business online.  

What can you expect at our digital marketing workshops?

Conducted by our own in-house team of marketing consultants, you will have the opportunity to meet with a specialist in each digital marketing discipline, providing you with a comprehensive overview of the subject. This in-person digital marketing training day will take place on 23rd January 2024 with a duration of 6 hours but don’t worry, we'll break this up with a buffet lunch!  

This introductory day costs only £25(+vat), plus if you register early, you can receive a code for 20% off your first booking.

So, what exactly will our marketing agency be covering?

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a fundamental practice that cannot be overlooked if you intend to rank high on Google. When people are searching for things related to your business, you undoubtedly want them to find you, which is achieved by ongoing on-page and off-page work on your website. From regular content and speeding up your website to creating an optimised Google my business profile, there is a whole host of things that you can do to make your business appear legitimate to search engines, which in turn, will see you climbing the rankings. During this session, our digital marketing agency will explain the essential aspects of search engine optimisation (SEO). We will showcase our clients' growth as examples and delve into how you can obtain great organic results too.  

Google Advertising (PPC)  

SEO is a slow burner with ongoing work being required to keep your website appearing fresh and healthy, on the other hand, PPC is an advertising tool that enables your brand to appear in front of your audience immediately to drive engagement, sales, leads and more. We will show you how your ads will appear at the top of Google search results for targeted keywords that resonate with your products or services.  

We'll guide you through the strategies, best practices, and insights on how to create effective PPC campaigns, optimise your ad spend, and maximise your return on investment, ensuring that you harness the full potential of Google Advertising for your business's growth and success.

Social Media Marketing

Organic Social Media Posting

Organic social media posting is an invaluable way to build a loyal online community and drive traffic to your website without additional advertising costs. In our workshop, we equip you with the knowledge and tools to master this method, ensuring your brand effectively connects with your audience and thrives on social media. Our social media agency will provide insight into the latest trends and how to make your profile stand out in a saturated crowd. Depending on the volume of posts you wish to put out there, we understand that without a designated marketing department, it can be hard to juggle the constant requirement to post on social media platforms. Therefore, if you wish for our team of social media specialists in Worcester to take care of your accounts, we can discuss this with you in the digital marketing training sessions.  

Social Media Advertising

In a similar way to PPC, social media advertising will get your business shown to a specified audience on their social media accounts. Our social media agency will walk you through the fundamentals of these campaigns, explaining the various types of set-ups that you can trial and how to maximise your results within a specific budget. Our digital marketing training workshop includes a walkthrough of Facebook and Instagram advertising, but we can answer any questions that you may have about other platforms.

Who can Benefit from this Training?

Wizard pi warmly invites anyone to join the workshops, which will be held monthly throughout the next year. This would be perfect for Business Owners, Employees, Marketing Teams or those who just wish to keep up to date with the latest updates! 

Register for our Digital Marketing Training Workshops

If you would like to find out more about our this upcoming session, please reach out to our website and marketing agency and one of the team will be in touch. For those early birds, we are offering a 20% discount on this interactive session, making them only £20! Get the better of your marketing with the right tools and team behind you. Book our Wizard pi workshops online today and take advantage of the discounts available for a limited time only.  

The workshop will be held at our web design and digital marketing studio in Worcester, Studio 5, Offerton Barns Business Centre, Offerton Ln, Hindlip, Worcester WR3 8SX.  


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