we like to design stuff

In a bit more detail...

We focus on brand & logo design, print design and web design.

These 3 key areas of design sit firmly in the centre of all that we do.
This means the items, objects, materials, things and what-nots that we are able to apply our design skills to is extensive to say the least.

wizard pi
• a well rounded design studio •

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a weapon of mass creation

Armed with only a Mac, a mouse and our innovative minds, wizard pi are here to be the design hand to your creative needs.

Regardless of the end result we like to start the process, no matter how big or small, with a chat. This gives us the chance to ask the questions we really require the answers to, it allows us to expand on the rest of our creative process and provides us the opportunity to get to know you, our client.

To get the process started costs nothing more than that chat, so when you're ready, give us a call.

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wizard pi was formed to provide SME's with the same branding and design quality and consistency that blue-chip companies receive from blue-chip creative agencies at understandable value. Read more about wizard pi and the team here.

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