Membership sites have become increasingly popular among businesses

Key Features of Our Membership Websites:

User Registration and Login

Our website designers create hassle-free registration and login processes, allowing members to easily access exclusive content. Typically, we introduce our clients to softwares such as Memberstack, which allows businesses can create personalised member experiences, control content visibility, and securely handle payments, making it an ideal solution for those looking to implement membership or individual log in functionalities on their websites.

Payment Integration

We integrate secure payment gateways, allowing you to effortlessly collect membership fees and manage subscriptions. Our creative website designers recommend Stripe, an effective way to process payments on your newly-designed site.

Content Management

Our membership sites come equipped with intuitive content management systems, enabling you to effortlessly organise, update, and deliver exclusive content to your members without a lot of hassle!


Why use a design studio for
Membership Sites?

Work with a team

Right from the beginning, you will have access to a complete team. By working with us at wizardpi, you can tap into decades of collective experience and a wide range of skills that an individual may not possess.

Enjoy flexibility

You can enjoy the flexibility of a stop-start relationship and 3, 6, 9 + 12 month payment plans. Plus, you'll have constant support throughout the year, we are only closed at Christmas.

Save money

Save yourself the admin and overheads of an internal hire or freelancer. There are no pensions, PAYE, equipment costs, software costs, bonuses, sick days, holiday pay, or training costs with us.

Why choose our website designers?

With years of experience in creating successful membership sites, Wizard pi is your trusted partner in harnessing the power of membership-based business models. Combining innovative website designs that are bespoke to your brand with seamless integrations of leading platforms. Wizard pi is a well-renowned website design and digital marketing agency based in Worcester, with an extensive client base spanning across the West Midlands, we are well-versed in understanding the right approach to complement businesses and their differing industries.

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Teamwork : )

Here at wizard pi we like to say we work with you (not for you) and your company to take care of all creative requirements. Whether you are looking for logo & brand design, website design or need to get your name out there, we can help. 

Our team of designers, digital marketers, photographers and videographers create timeless branding and beautifully functional websites that will elevate your business. When we take on new projects, we build lasting relationships with every client and are always just a phone call away.
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