In this blog, our graphic design agency provides an overview of the work that we completed for Play-tropolis, a children’s role-play centre in the West Midlands.  

Let’s start with where it all began…

Logo & Branding

Beckie came to our graphic designers to explain her brand-new business concept and to discuss how we could help her to transform this idea into a reality. A brief was created and our team of logo designers in Droitwich were tasked with translating the character of Play-tropolis through an innovative and fun logo and brand. These colourful and well-thought-out designs were formed to perfectly reflect the role-play centre and its welcoming environment for younger children.

Website design

Once the logo and branding were established and approved, our website designers were able to go on and create an impressive website with a great aesthetic and simple user experience. The website clearly shows what to expect at Play-tropolis and even features an integrated booking system that allows guests to easily book a session online for their children. We absolutely loved bringing out our inner child with these fun, quirky designs but also carefully considered the parents in our approach and what they would like to see.

As part of our initial conversations with Beckie, it was highlighted that the website needed to clearly present a key message of the business’s ethics. This establishment warmly welcomes all children to come and be whatever they want to be, an environment of inclusion for everyone, of which our website designers truly believe you can feel from the website.

Business signage

Everything was coming together perfectly for Play-tropolis and we supported Beckie with the online and offline development. As part of her new journey, she managed the interior design of Play-tropolis and had a logical vision of how she wanted the place to look and feel for all guests. As a result of this, business signage was required both internally and externally and our graphic design agency was able to whiz up some designs that best suited the place.

Digital marketing

After months of determination and dedication from everyone involved, the doors were opened with extreme relief and excitement. However, with an amazing website and an unmissable place that needed to be visited, it was crucial that this was put in front of the right people and showcase exactly what Play-tropolis has to offer. This is when our digital marketing professionals come into the equation and undertake in-depth search engine optimisation that enables the website to be seen by the right people. Boost your business with our support and watch your analytics prove these impressive results.

Get in touch

From a mum with a brilliant business concept to a successful children’s venue with immaculate reviews, this demonstrates that with the right graphic design agency partnered with your hard work, it can result in genuine success and we enjoy being a part of this journey. Play-tropolis has been filled with bookings and continues to greet new customers to experience a day of fun with children. As explained, this was a start-up business and we were incredibly happy to work alongside the company from start to finish, as we continue to provide our digital marketing services to retain interest and drive new visitors.

If this sounds like something you would like us to help you with, please get in touch with our graphic design and marketing agency to ascertain how we can support your business.


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