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When given the opportunity to work on rebranding a local IT business in Redditch we chose to take a bold step to evolve the existing colours into a darker tone. The reason behind was to replicate traditional coding and programming languages software platforms which tend to present themselves in a default "dark mode" presentation. We took the brand a step further when making the A inside FAIT a code bracket, fully consolidating the picture of an IT business. We partner the new brand with a strong marketing tagline and utilised the half of the vertical code bracket to create a watermark with a soft gradient.

Once the brand was completed we jumped on our macbooks again to begin building a modern site. We used the brand gradient and code brackets across the website creating a bespoke look that looked the part. The numerous offered services were not a limitation for the team, rather it propelled our creativity to create bespoke management solutions that would allow our clients to add, remove and update existing services with simplicity, an strong IT move on our end one might say. But why not take a look at it yourself, visit their live site today using the link on this project page.


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Visually stunning, great design and aesthetically super up to date. - Client's customer

Hi Both,

I viewed this yesterday. I must say that as someone who has (and still is) going through the pain of launching two new international transactional websites, your new website is outstanding! Visually stunning, great design and aesthetically super up to date. Well done!


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