and whatever it's printed on!

Design for print is not only still alive, it gets more "intelligent' and even more flexible each and every day. With a never ending list of materials that print can be applied to and another never ending list of finishes for each material products, print really does cover the broadest of terms of our three design expertise.

As either a start up, a company on the look out for a complete rebrand or a business that's just after a redesign of their current materials, you're probably after the good old business staples (not actual staples, we mean business cards, folders etc). In which case, you have come to the right place!

Likewise, if you're on the look out for ANYTHING else that needs printing, and we quite literally mean anything, again; you have (probably) come to the right place. With our designers having over 20 years experience designing for the print industry there aren't many things we haven't designed for or have experience in producing.

One of our most requested documents to be designed are still, what we would class as, "the staples". These are:

Business cards, letterheads & folders (and sometimes compliment slips if you remember what those are).

These come included in any of the Full Stack Packages or Logo & Brand Design options we have available.

However, If you would like wizard pi to take a look at what we can do for your business materials with your current logo & brand; we would be more than happy to provide you a cost to do so completely free of charge!

Whilst we consider logo & branding to be one of three areas of design expertise we also understand that your company logo is... well... your company logo and you wouldn't dream of changing it. It’s your identity and if it’s not broken why fix it?

With this in mind we want you to know that we are more than happy to provide you with any of our services (not just print) with whichever logo & brand you provide us.

If we do feel it needs tweaking or evolving, we'll politely let you know and we'll be happy to show you our tweaked vision prior to starting any work, and even then if you still want to keep what you had that's fine by us.

Whilst we can't polish one, we can still roll one wizard pi in glitter : o

So that we can make sure that the final printed product is to the highest of wizard pi's standards we prefer to see the job through to the end and supply you the print as well as design it. We do this by utilising one of our many print suppliers we have built a connection with, both local and a far, during our time in the industry.

But, we also understand that you might have a few connections of your own. If this is case and you would prefer us to leave the printing of the designs up to you just let us know and we'll happily prep all the files to be print ready and hand them over at no extra cost.

our Mac's are on and our mice at the ready,
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In need of some packaging design?! Well, again you're in the right place.

Be it labels, swing tags, paper bags or woven ones we've got you covered and can both design and supply it all for you, or work with your chosen supplier.

Still not mentioned what you're after?

Ok, we help with; On-the-shelf packaging, drinks can design, bottle design, confectionery package design, mail-delivery box design, product design, RDU design...

We could be here forever. you're best just getting in touch!

Run a restaurant, hotel or leisure & entertainment venue that has weekly, monthly, quarterly events or changes?

We can help lighten the cost and work that goes into keeping your clients updated and informed and quite literally reading off the same page.

We are able to offer bespoke retainable design & print packages that enable you to benefit from not only our exceptionally high standard of design for things like your menus, table talkers, events posters & events boards, but also from our unbeatable print rates.

Not to mention the hours saved whilst we take care of the entire procedure and get the goods delivered to you with plenty of time to spare. Sound good?

from the smallest right up to the largest of printed materials and print methods wizard pi really can help you with it all.

Some excellent examples of our larger print items include A0 foamex boards, table cloths, 2 meter tall printed perspex exhibition promo games, roller banners, van signage and not to forget good old window graphics. wizard pi has experience in creating and helping produce them all.

More importantly not only do we approach the jobs with a designers mindset, but one with knowledge of how the items need to be manufactured, assembled or applied.

If you have something BIG you need printing get in touch and we'll show you how we can help.

a weapon of mass creation

Armed with only our Mac's, a mouse and our innovative minds, wizard pi are here to be the design mind and mitts to your creative needs.

Regardless of the end result we like to start the process, no matter how big or small, with a conversation. Be it face to face, video call, over the phone, email or what's app (yep you can what's app us).

This gives us the chance to ask the questions we really require the answers to, it allows us to expand on the rest of our creative process as so to keep you in know and most importantly it provides us the opportunity to listen to you and get to know you, our client, and what you're after.

To get the process started costs nothing more than that conversation, so when you're ready, get in touch.


SOme PRINT projects:

With more and more projects coming out of the wizard pi studio as the weeks go by, there are quite a few to look through to give you an idea of the delicious designs we produce across the mass of materials and mediums we produce them on.

But, to give you look into some of our projects where our clients have taken advantage of our print design expertise, we have sort through them all and popped a few examples below. We're nice like that : )

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